What happened?

The Social Entrepreneurship Forum, organized by the Gem Foundation and Ashoka and sponsored by Qualcomm Wireless Reach, convened a diverse group of 150 business and nonprofit founders and students committed to social and environmental benefit in San Diego on October 7, 2010. Five statements - of our shared Purposes, Assets, Values, Community and Ongoing Learning - were distilled from participants' conversations and notes and will provide a framework for us to move forward as a community. A volunteer subset of Forum participants are meeting with the Gem Foundation to consider the best ways to continue to work across traditional boundaries toward our shared vital interests.

We hope that the video from the Forum will allow you to reflect on the context, revisit the panel discussion and drop in on a table conversation or two. Please also check the bulletin board for updates and add information that you think may be of interest to the community. We know from our conversations that many new, live connections emerged from the Forum and are committed to fostering a robust community of entrepreneurs willing to invest their energy, expertise and experience in a sustainable region.

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What now?

Bulletin board

Best Ideas

Our Common Purposes
A sustainable community where education, technology and social entrepreneurship turn economic challenges into a springboard for creativity, innovation and meeting basic needs.

Our Assets
An entrepreneurial hotspot, bridging San Diego and Baja and providing a gateway to Asia, with the
capacity to be a leader in social innovation

Our Values
A recognition that we are all interconnected and can act to balance self-responsibility and selfmobilization with interdependence and empathy

Our Community
One that bridges generations, cultures, countries and social sectors to be a role model for a unified, involved, proactive community

Our Ongoing Learning
Open, honest exchanges of (best and worst) ideas and experience to nurture meaningful personal and organizational connections across traditional boundaries