Please consider the following questions as a guide only and use the prompts where appropriate to add detail to the story. The focus is on the story and the storyteller.

  • 1. I’d like to ask you to think about a time when a group of people organized themselves to share or pool their resources in order to accomplish something together that they were unable to do as individuals. As you think about your experience with such groups, reflect on a high point – a peak experience, if you will, that stands out for you. Take me there and tell me the story.

    [Please include as much detail as possible – e.g., Who came together and why? What (tangible) resources did they share? How did they manage them? What was the impact? How long did the group stay together?]
  • 2. What was it about that experience that made it work?

    [Please consider specific roles and contributions of the group members and others as well as aspects of their organizing – e.g., decision-making, leadership, communications. What did the storyteller bring to the initiative?]
  • 3. What, without being modest, would you say is your most valuable contribution – to your family, your community, the planet?
  • 3b. What would others say that you bring?
  • 4. As you reflect on the story you told me, what do you think is at the core of people coming together to share or pool resources? That is, what’s the essence, without which it would not be possible?
  • 5. What can we do to reinforce that core? How can we encourage more sharing to leverage otherwise scarce resources?
  • 6. What might be possible – that is, what would be different in the community – if sharing resources were the norm?

  • 7. Briefly, what do you do and what inspires you to commit your resources (time, talent, treasure) to this work?
  • 8. Where does the story you shared take place?
  • 9. Are you willing to allow us to post your story on the Gem Foundation website?      Yes     No 

  • 10. Are you interested in being part of the inquiry process as we move forward?       Yes     No 

  • 11. Are you aware of others that we should include?       Yes     No 

  • 12. What is your name and what’s the best way to contact you?

    Name:    Email:    Phone:

  • 13. If you have interviewed someone for their story, please provide his/her name and contact information (if appropriate):

    Interviewee Name:    Email:    Phone:

  • 14. Finally, if there are other people you would like to invite to be part of the Sharing Resources Forum, please provide their names and email address below:

    Name:    Email:

Once you have filled out this Conversation Guide, hit the SUBMIT button. Alternatively, you may CHOOSE FILE and UPLOAD your story as a PDF document, or send it via email to If you are interested in interviewing others, you can download the Conversation Guide here and refer to the Notes for Interviewers, or fill in the online form again. We hope to see you at one of the roundtables in August.