Thank you for taking the time to interview a friend, family member, teacher or student, business acquaintance or someone from the non-profit sector. We hope you will elicit and share their stories on the Gem website. Assuming permission of the interviewee, please upload their stories and responses to questions in first person* to the Conversation Guide. Please:

  • • If you prefer to submit the interview as a Word document or PDF, please type the story, preferably with the interviewee in first person*, along with any quotes and/or responses to the questions that you think are important;
  • • Use initials, rather than names, to protect anonymity, as appropriate; and
  • • Save the file as “yourinitials_storytellerinitials.docx”, e.g., KM_DR.docx.

* Writing the story in first person (as you heard it):

  • • Is more engaging for the reader;
  • • Alleviates any inclination toward editorial comment; and
  • • Keeps the storyteller anonymous.

You may wish to share the story with the storyteller for approval before submitting the responses, uploading a Word or PDF, or emailing the document to

If you have an opportunity to record video or audio of the interviewee’s story, we would love to bring their voices into the room in September.

Our plan is to post stories on this Web site for the Sharing Resources Forum and to use them to ‘ground’ our understanding of the best and most promising practices.

Thank you!